Since the 1970s, Sonia Rykiel  has embodied an emancipated and iconoclastic woman. She will always be known as one of the main figures of Parisian ready-to-wear. Throughout the collections, Sonia Rykiel has been able to turn fashion upside down and create clothes that match with a real lifestyle. Shaking up institutions, not paying attention to codes and established rules, she has always taken women’s part. This perhaps explains the modernity, the longevity, the influence, the posterity of her vision and its unique journey.

Interdee La Parisienne stands as an emblem of enduring sophistication, where each prêt-à-porter piece, meticulously fashioned with premium materials such as cashmere and wool, redefines timeless elegance. In the designs curated by Interdee La Parisienne, classic grace seamlessly converges with contemporary allure, presenting a refined narrative that transcends mere fashion. The brand extends an invitation to experience a legacy of sophistication through the lens of superior craftsmanship.

Ermanno Scervino loves contrasts: sporty and formal, rigorous and fluid, masculine and feminine. This passion for diversity finds happy expression in the Ermanno Firenze collection, which reflects the dynamism, versatility and curiosity of a contemporary woman and her desire for change, without losing sight of the beauty of details and workmanship, the richness of materials and the balance of shapes and proportions. Ermanno Scervino thinks of an urban figure, i.e. the protagonist of constantly evolving metropolitan life. This is how the motto “Free femininity to wear” was born, intended as a variation of “Ready to wear”, not only easy to wear but also to be worn with freedom, ease and personality. “Couture-à-porter” is another slogan chosen by Ermanno Scervino, whose first line conceives haute couture garments suitable for special everyday occasions and, in Ermanno Firenze, designed for any moment. The thought behind the Ermanno Scervino collection is that of a young woman at ease, informal, with those non-conformist traits that recall neo-hippy cultures and bohemian lifestyles. A personal, self-confident way of dressing that loves differences: rock and precious, masculine and feminine, naïve and sexy, sporty and elegant. Ermanno Firenze brings together all the characteristic elements of the Maison and the game of opposites is one of the designer’s favourites, suggesting leather jackets over lace petticoats, technical leggings to wear with women’s parkas and macramé accessories, masculine shirt or suit fabrics encrusted with embroidery, T-shirts that transform into evening wear, geometric or romantic prints worn with boots and camperos. Experimenting with materials and using them in…

Elegance and femininity are always at the core of the Twinset style, in a journey showcasing a polite style that is all about the details, collection after collection. Couture constructions, precious knitwear, delicate tulle and lace create a dreamy boho language that renews every season.

Hui Zhou everyday life in works of art. The women of the Miao people are famous for their extremely colorful clothing decorated with precious embroidery that mothers teach their daughters to do from an early age. From here was born the idea of ​​24-hour fashion with prints and embroideries that emphasize graphics and geometric designs, fluidize floral designs, bringing the seal back to its ancient function of certifying the spiritual essence and identity of the wearer.

D. Exterior is a Made in Italy womenswear brand.
Refined yarns, modern technologies, precious details and design are the defining components, where traditional craftsmanship blends with the highest quality materials at competitive prices.
A great success among clients all over the world.

Contemporary Style Icon, legendary head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel as well as the Italian house Fendi. Over the decades, he has collaborated on a variety of fashion and art-related projects. He is well recognized around the world for his trademark white hair, black glasses, and high starched collars. In his own label fashion house Karl Lagerfeld did express in a masterful way his eclectic talent, fashion taste and philosophy, making accessible his legendary lifestyle to the fashion community.

Violanti fashion-pieces are inspired by a perfect combination of beauty and luxury, making creativity the distinctive point of the Brand’s collections. The colours, the volumes and the effects of the Violanti line always refer to daily, reassuring atmospheres, evoking the ‘allure’ of a woman who is fully aware of herself and of her style.

Sara Roka took up the challenge to transform the traditional man’s shirt into a fresh, feminine and modern must-have, while retaining the quality, comfort and finishing of the original. The luxurious cotton fabrics available in Italy, such as poplin and oxford, the wonderful trims and details, and exceptional craftmanship naturally led Sara to creatively design a collection consisting of innovative and sexy blouses, dresses, and tops, while maintaining the essence of the timeless men’s classic shirt.

Lavi Couture is a Made in Italy brand, characterized by garments that recall Italian gardens and typical romantic prints of a bygone age but always evergreen such as vichy and stripes patterns. The fil rouge of the label is the use of the cotton as main fabric and often as the only one. The aim is to give life to flowing apparels that convey the idea of lightness and imperceptible.